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My Event Security Service is about providing a dedicated, professional, proactive, and well-trained event security team. Our company was founded in 2009 by diverse group of individuals that have worked in marketing, event planning, production companies, and law enforcement, and event security. This diverse group from different backgrounds related to event planning, production, marketing, load in, load outs, law enforcement and event security makes for the perfect team. Call us NOW: 617.322.6372

A team that knows the ins and outs of the business. A team that speaks your language. A team that understand and gets it. A team that get the job done. If we look good you look good and we always strive for excellence and to exceed expectations in every thing that we do every time, every where. From Boston to LA, Miami to Chicago, our event teams have worked at and in different venues across the United States with crowds from one hundred to one hundred thousand and more.

We have never in our over ten years in business had a loss run or claim against us. Safety is always our top priority. We work hard to ensure the safety of your team your guests and our team. We have successfully managed and overseen over ten thousand events, productions, movie sets, screenings, event activation’s, weddings, parties, corporate events, obstacle courses, concerts, book and autograph signings, productions and marketing events and so much more.

When Beyonce or One Direction needs security or MKG Productions or 206 Inc. or Sony Records, or LS21 Marketing and many others need event security they call one team, one company, one service….

They contact their Event Security Team at My Event Security Services Inc. We promise to deliver exceptional Event Security Services that we guarantee to exceed your expectations or My Event Security Services will provide the service at no cost! No other event security company in the United States will offer you that conditional Guarantee!

Call Today: (781).815.4321 or (781).312.3456 We got your Event Security Solutions.