Armed Event Security Officers

If you’re considering armed security, chances are that you are responsible for the protection of a business or a work-site, as well as for the safety of the people who work in and around that location. Whether it’s a busy apartment complex, an upcoming special event or event activation at a mall, parking lot, field, a “mud run” a football game,  or a bustling construction zone, you have a lot to consider when it comes to security. While security systems and monitoring services are a good first line of protection, nothing beats the assurance of having an armed security guard present at your site. Most of which are off duty police officers for hire or retired cops for hire.

The armed security guard remains one of the most reliable and effective security solutions.

Working with My Event Security Services and our armed security officers means working with the best in the business. We train and educate our security personnel to the highest and most rigorous standards. Our armed guard training and certification exceeds that of most state and federal programs. We pride ourselves on providing only the most professional and job-ready guards in the business, and we achieve that goal through in-depth training and ongoing course work.

There’s a sense of safety that only an armed guard or off duty police officer can provide. Call us now and we will have a police officer in place or many police officers in place for your event security.

Why You Need an Armed Security Officer

Securing businesses and job sites have always been a concern for business owners and managers. In these times of rapid growth and change, the need for armed security guards is, unfortunately, more urgent than ever. Whether your business is in need of twenty-four-hour security coverage, or you just need a guard on hand at certain critical times, an armed security guard is your best solution.

Armed guards provide both a preemptive deterrent and active response to threats. Most would-be troublemakers will simply look for another business to threaten if they see an armed security guard on the premises.  If a criminal does target your business without regard to the presence of security, you will have the comfort of knowing that you have an active response system. You won’t be relying on a passive alarm or monitoring service. Instead, you will have “boots on the ground” to actively respond to a threat—even if that means the appropriate use of physical force.

The armed security guard must be highly trained, and as a result can provide many other benefits to your overall security program. They can respond to threats, take preemptive action to prevent future threats, and work with you to cater their security offerings to your specific needs. An armed guard can do this. Make sure the company you are hiring has armed guards that are either off duty police or retired law enforcement. They must also be qualified yearly, insured, and bonded.

 Benefits of Hiring an Armed Guard

Hiring an armed security comes with many benefits. Most of our customers understand that ultimate safety can only come from having a guard onsite that carries a weapon. The presence of an armed guard offers a deterrent that other security systems and unarmed guards don’t provide. Just the visual of a weapon can deter most would-be troublemakers. Also, armed guards can respond directly to threats, rather than taking a more reactionary role. Nobody wants to think about using force to protect their business, but an armed guard is the only person who can safely provide that level of security.

It is also important to understand that armed guards are placed under more scrutiny than their unarmed counterparts, due to their possession of controlled weapons. Because of this fact, our armed guards require and receive even more extensive training, background checks, screening, and certification than our unarmed personnel.

All of these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding what security solution is best for you. Your situation is unique, and your event security solutions should be unique as well.


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